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{Tuesday, January 28, 2003  }

Yay for Bush and the State of the Union address!

But this post isn't about that. This post is about... all the stuff I have to do. I'm so hap-hap-happy ("I'm slap-happy"), I just took my Latin III exam, and I feel like I did well on it, which is good because I studied less than I usually do because I was just running out of time, darnit. As it is, I was supposed to take it yesterday so my Thomistic Ethics exam would be only one day overdue. Now that's going to be probably a bit later, too. And I have this honkin'-huge essay to read/summarize/take apart for AP English: it's some disconstructionalist with, I'm told, some valid points (*gasp!*) writing about Wuthering Heights. Then I have a ton of Greek to do. I don't know when I'm going to get both things done. [G] Usually, I wait and do my papers on Friday (and take all day!), but I'm going to be gone this Friday.

Yayness! I got invited to a ball at West Point! :D And my dress came back from alterations yesterday. And everything's aaaaalllll ready. Except for me. Hahahaaa. I'm getting nervous, and I dunno why, I have nothing to be nervous about. That's what's annoying, I get these random nervous-spell things which I know intuitively and intellectually are completely pointless, but can do nothing about them and they make me sick. Stupid things. I'm attempting a mind-over-matter thing. In this respect, the John Nash portrayed in A Beautiful Mind is my hero. [G] Whether or not he did, actually, attempt to control schizophrenia with sheer willpower and intellect is another question. But still.

With every day, the University of Dallas and ROTC draw closer. I'm extremely excited for both. Perhaps it's because I have no life, but I'm planning already, constantly planning, what I'm going to do with my dorm room, what classes I am going to take, how I'm going to survive the advance camp (ROTC training camp between Junior and Senior year), how I'm going to survive *Texas weather*, what on earth it's going to be like, living the farthest away from home for the longest amount of time, etc. College college college! Not only will I have a stronger and more interactive academic life, but a good social life too -- something I miss in strong spells every now and then. (Of course, I love each and every one of you very dearly, but I *do* wish we could do stuff on Friday nights, wot!)

I'm collecting posters for my room. I was never allowed to have posters (something I kind of sort of violate now), an I'm going to go gung-ho on my dorm room! I've got an Italian Gladiator movie-poster, a big map of Middle-Earth with pictures of Hobbits and orcs and whatnot, the movie posters to To Have and Have Not, and Mostly Martha, some Beatles posters, some FOTR and TTT calendars I can chop up for pictures, and a poster of Paul McCartney I got at the concert I went to last April. :D I'm hoping I can take at least one Dante picture and my "Accolade" picture, but both are in frames. And I want the famous Gone with the Wind poster (I just saw the movie recently -- *sigh* Rhett Butler!), and a GORGEOUS Rhett Butler poster and... comPLETEly randomly ... the 8 Mile poster, even though I don't plan on seeing the movie, and I don't much care for Eminem (although I DO like his "Lose Yourself" -- a lot). I just like the poster. And it'll make people wonder. Here comes little goody-goody Lauren. She's in the military and has an Eminem poster hanging in her room. Heh. [G]

Hey... these items are cheap... my birthday's a week from tomorrow.... buy me something! :P No, j/k. Well, I mean, that is to say, you CAN if you want to, but, you know, you don't HAVE to... *cough*

Anyway. Now that I've grumbled about all I have to do, would be great if I actually did it, huh? [G] Off I go into the wild blue yonder.
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{Monday, January 27, 2003  }

Pange lingua gloriosi
Corporis mysterium,
Sanquinisque pretiosi,
quem in mundi pretium
fructus ventris generosi
Rex effudit Gentium.

Nobis datus nobis natus
ex intacta Virgine,
et in mundo conversatus,
sparso verbi semine,
sui moras incolatus
miro clausit ordine.

Tantum ergo Sacramentum
veneremur cernui:
et antiquum documentum
novo cedat ritui:
praestet fides supplementum
sensuum defectui.

Genitori, Genitoque
laus et jubilatio,
salus, honor, virtus quoque
sit et benedictio:
procedenti ab utroque
compar sit laudatio.

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Howdy. This is where I will randomly post things about my exceedingly boring life, so I won't have to write you exceedinly boring emails about it. Not like I do anyway, but whatever. Actually, I think these sort of online journals are conceited expositionist things, so call me a concieted -- no wait, nevermind.
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