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{Saturday, May 24, 2003  }

btw http://www.tkline.freeserve.co.uk/OvidTristiaBkOne.htm
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{Friday, May 23, 2003  }

I hate doctors. Hate 'em. :P Ok well, I don't hate doctors. I rather like Dr. Short. But. I hate needles. Hate 'em. :P I've had my share of them for a looooong time now. :P Actually I still have one more... it's some menningitis (sp) thing that the doctor's office didn't carry. Ugh. So I got a tetnaus shot, blood drawn for a blood count, and a hepititis B reaction-test thing. The blood-drawing thing was what hurt the most, but now the tetnaus shot is making my arm ache. :PPPPPPP Oh well. It's not bad. Just annoying.

The Logic exam is due next week. Fun. Time to study like a son of a gun, I don't know how I'm going to get all the rules of inference AND the rules replacement memorized :\ Want to see 'em? They are ...

(rules of inference)

Modus Ponens

p » q


Modus Tollens

p » q


Hypothetical Syllogism

p » q

q » r

p » r
Disjunctive Syllogism

p v q


Constructive Dilemma

(p » q) * (r » s)

p v r

q v s



p * q

p » q

p » (p * q) 

p * q


p v q

(rules of replacement)

1. De Morgan's Theorem (De M.)~(p * q) = (~p v ~q)

~(p v q) = (~p * ~q)
2. Commutation (Com.)(p v q) = (q v p)

(p * q) = (q * p)
3. Association (Assoc.)[p v (q v r)] = [(p v q) v r]

[p * (q * r)] = [(p * q) * r]
4. Distribution (Dist.) [p * (q v r)] = [(p * q) v (p * r)]

[p v (q * r)] = [(p v q) * (p v r)]
5. Double Negation (D.N.)p = ~~p
6. Transportation (Trans.)(p » q) = (~p » ~q)
7. Material Implication (Impl.)(p » q) = (~p v q)
8. Material Equivalence (Equiv.)(p = q) = [(p » q) * (q » p)]

(p = q) = [(p * q) v (~p * ~q)]
9. Exportation (Exp.)[(p * q) » r] = [p » (q » r)]
10. Tautology (Taut.)p = (p v p)

p = (p * p)

Yeah. Uh-huh. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! (rofl, I typoed that "put THAT in your pope...")

I took the Latin placement exam for UDallas. It was fun. Actually, I probably should have tried a harder one, I did one right at my level right now (which is their intermediate Latin II; the next one up is Advanced Placement Latin. The historians. Boring! I like Ovid's poetry! I loved the selection from the Metamorphoses we did last month). It was Ovid on his last night in Rome. Quite heart-rending! I believe I would weep if I were exiled from Rome. Sigh. *thinks of Rome, is carried away in nostalgia...*

Also, I was interviewed by Eleanor LaPrade for the school newspaper. One of her questions was, "What is the most imaginative image you can concoct of yourself in 20 years?" I said, "The most imaginative? Well... probably ... CPT B., USAR, leading intelligence soldiers somewhere in Korea. Or, Lauren B., civilian, analyzing, translating/decoding stuff for the CIA ... and other super-secret stuff. Probably have death threats and bomb notices following me right and left, heehee."
Wow, I can't really picture myself in 20 years. Lauren B. (or will it be B.?) age 38. Almost 40. That's old. My imaginitive picture there is actually not much like I'd really picture myself, but I can't tell all of ISLAS I daydream of doing SUPERSECRET spy stuff! Infiltrating enemy bases, stealing information to bring back to the states to analyze. Then, of course, this is my fantasy world, *I'M* the one who analyzes it, too. My opinion is feared and respected, and I do my country a great service, putting my life on the line and donating my time and my smarts. *hums the Mission: Impossible theme* But of course... how realistic is that? What will probably end up happening is that I'll marry some oh-so-talented down-and-out guy and we'll both be dirt poor. I'll probably work entry-level work all my life, while he gets a better-paying but very demanding job, we'll have tons of kids and just barely scrape by. If I'm lucky and actually do work that requires talent, perhaps then I'll make enough money to put myself through graduate school when I'm... old. I'll probably be bent (I have terrible posture, I must fix that!), my eyes will be failing, my hair will begin to grey early (but not whiten, just a bit of silver to make me look like I have the wisdom of age), and I'll spend my evenings bent over a dusty manual in a library with a fire in the hearth, and paper and pen to my right.

*sniff* I still kind of like the spy image...

I think that's all that's interesting that's happened today (whew, too many "that"s). After that I went to the doctor's. You know, I am in danger of becoming gnostic. :P The body, from an artistic point of view, is beautiful I suppose. Wild horses might make me say that. But when it comes down it the nitty-gritty, it's really a nasty and disgusting thing, constantly decaying and full of vile humours. *sob* I'm shorter than I thought I was.

I want to go to Libya for the Roman ruins. Lots of stuff went on in Libya. Ovid wrote, as he was exiled, his daughter lived there and he couldn't tell her about his exile. Sigh. Also I have this awesome issue of Archaeology magazine that shows pictures of it and..... *drools*. Some of the best-preserved stuff!!! However, I'd rather not get blown up. But I'd really like to see these ruins. Alas.

Dried apricots aren't really filling.
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Well ... it's my next-to-last week of school! Yaaaaaaay! In fact, I have... four more classes left. Thomistic Ethics on Tuesday, Latin on Wednesday, Greek and Astronomy on Thursday. Then I'm DONE! Then I can concentrate fully on ... prepping for exams. :P The tough ones are going to be Logic and Astronomy. Then I can workworkworkworkwork! Speaking of which... no wait, let me recount my week first. [L]

I found out that Wade Miller, MY MAN, pitcher for the Houston Astros (let us all bow to them), the dude who really got me *in* to baseball, is kind of having a crummy season. A really crummy one so far. :( :( :( Maybe Oswalt is doing better, I have yet to check on his stats.

The central-vac repair dude came over to ... repair the central vac [g] and, not only did he address me shockingly informally for a person he'd never met before, but also he said something like "shouldn't you be in school?" I respond "I homeschool." And then he said, "ah, I knew you weren't over 18!" This annoyed me QUITE A LOT ("but still I'd rather trot to Mr. Adams's new gavotte..."), so I said "Actually, I AM 18. Exactly." And as if he's being complimentary, he says, "Oh. Well, you look very young for your age." :P :P :P :P :P :P "....thank... you?" I responded.

I'm going to get my hair cut again, and shorter. Something to make me look older. I can't stand not looking my own age. I HATE that. I've worked hard to get to this age! 18 is an age that demands respect! Comparatively, I mean. In the face of a middle-aged individual, that seems fairly ridiculous. But a mature and responsible 18-year-old deserves to be taken seriously and treated like an adult, soas to become a better adult when they mature further. Their faults are to be dealt with more harshly, as they should know better, but not unreasonably. Their younger ought to be able to, and ought to look up to them. Those at the age of 18 are legal adults, and ought to act like adults, and are embarking on a whole new phase of their life. 18 is a significant age.

Heh ... so I watched the rest of Hook, which I had rented the previous week. Speaking of growing up... that was the very last day of my childhood, ever. I remember watching Hook when I was younger and loving it and thinking it the best movie ever. Watching it again from the eyes of an adult... shattered (almost painfully) all my childhood illusions. And speaking of painful... my head was aparently so full that it decided to go migrane on me. :P Ah well. I did the adult thing and took Tylenol and went to bed. Yay adulthood, in which Tylenol is a close and constant life-companion.

Tuesday I actually put into action that plan of making a blog for mom and dad to read when I go to college, and here that is, though there's nothing there yet, really. Also, I decided that if someone out of the kindness of their hearts doesn't randomly buy me an espresso-maker, there's this deluxe coffee-machine/espresso-maker thing in which I would like to invest. One of Jon's friends has this exact model, and apparently it's awesome. I can't really drink coffee unless it's really strong. While I don't really care for straight espresso, I like things with espresso in them. My favorite coffee-drink is a peppermint mocha, followed by a plain mocha, followed by cappucino. Also, mom and dad are going to get me a new computer for college (I SO desperately need one!), a good one they said, so they won't ever have to bother with me and computers again, so I was pricing the kind I like/want/need with Eric, and it would be some variation of this Dell notebook, with a CD-RW/DVD drive (which unfortunately does not come standard...).

Wednesday... mostly uneventful, aside from the fact that I found out that "evil olive" is a palindrome, and "radixglobus" would be a Latin equivalent for "baseball". Also, I listened to my favorite Mozart aria from Die Zauberflöte --

Dies Bildnis ist bezaubernd schön,
Wie noch kein Auge je geseh'n !
Ich fühl' es, wie dies Götterbild
Mein Herz mit neuer Regung füllt.
Dies' etwas kann ich zwar nicht nennen,
Doch fühl' ich's hier wie Feuer brennen.
Soll die Empfindung Liebe sein?
Ja, ja, die Liebe ist's allein
O, wenn ich sie nur finden könnte!
O, wenn sie doch schon vor mir stände!
Ich würde, würde, warm und rein,
Was würde ich?
Ich würde sie voll Entzücken
An diesen heissen Busen drücken
Und ewig wäre sie dann mein.

This German did I listen to while translating Greek and thinking about the lyrics to an Italian song while reading corresponding Latin definitions to certain Greek words and the English definitions thereof.

Then today, DrMc and I attempted to untangle Euripides' occasionally snarly Greek. We didn't get as far as I had translated ahead, which was a first. This is also good, because it means much less stress for next week.

Random thing -- Drake's equations computes the number of technologically advanced civilizations in the Galaxy whose messages we might be able to detect:

N = R(*)f(p)n(e)f(l)f(i)f(c)L

(everything in paretheses is a subscript)

N = number of technologically advanced civilizations in the Galaxy whose messages we might be able to detect
R(*) = the rate at which the solar-type stars form in the Galaxy
f(p) = the fraction of stars that have planets
n(e) = the number of planets per solar system that are Earthlike (i.e. suitable for life)
f(l) = the fraction of those Earthlike planets on which life actually arises
f(i) = the fraction of those life forms that evolve into intelligent species
f(c) = the fraction of those species that develop adequate technology and then chose to send messages out into space
L = the lifetime of that technologically advanced situation

fiddling around with star types, they figure R(*) at 1 per year, f(p) at 1 because most sunlike stars have planets. Then the rest gets hypothetical. n(e) they figure at .1 and f(l) at 1 since in the appropriate conditions, the developmet of life is a certainty (of course, hotly debated), also making f(i) 1 (also hotly debated), and assuming they're smart, figuring f(c) at 1, too. Looking at our own degrading planet, they figure if we're typical, L may be as short as 100 years.

Thus they work it out to

N = 1/yr * 1 * 0.1 * 1 * 1 * 1 * 100 yr = 10

Thus, approximately, out of the hundreds of billions of stars in the Galaxy, we would estimate that there are only ten technilogically advanced civilizations from which we might recieve communications.

"A wide range of values has been proposed for the terms in the Drake equation, and these various guesses produce vastly different estimates of N. Some scientists argue that there is exacly one advanced civilization in the Galazy and that we are it. Other speculate that there may be hundreds or thousands of planets inhabited by intelligent creatures."

Of course I think the latter guess is a little wide of the mark. Wouldn't it be rather depressing if there was only one other intelligent species in the whole humongous galaxy, ever , and they DIED and we MISSED them? Or if, more ironically, we killed them somehow? That would be depressing. *decides to write a book about it, wonders if Isaac Asmov or Ray Bradbury has already done it* But I don't believe in extra-terrestrial life anyway. Or at very best, I am fiercely apathetic on the subject. But that aroused my interest for about five minutes. *interest wans*

You know, from a medieval point of view, it is highly profane that there should be extra-terrestrial life. Of course, from a medieval point of view, it was highly profane that heavenly bodies are not perfect spheres, and that the earth revolves around the sun. I kind of wish pre-Copernican models were true, I rather like the Aristotelian model, and the religious significance attached to it by Dante's Paradiso.

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{Thursday, May 22, 2003  }

Nur wer die Sehnsucht kennt
Weiß, wach ich liede!
Allien und abgetrennt
Von aller Freude,
Seh ich ans Firmament
Nach jener seite.

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{Saturday, May 17, 2003  }

*groan* Well, it's graduation weekend for UVA, which means that Charlottesville is FLOODED. I went out with Chris Postak the other day to see the new X-Men movie, and the traffic at 3:30 was like it was at 10:00am earlier that same day, which was like it usually is at 5:00pm! It was crazy. :P And I'm about to go out into the midst of it... I'm positively dying to go to the library ASAP.

But in the meantime, I'm cleaning up my room, it's an absolute *mess*. I'm ashamed that I let it get as bad as it did. So far it's much better, but my computer room is now a sty. :P I'll clean up the computer room when I get back.

Ahhhhhhh... I pressed and starched my khakis today. Lately I've been obsessed about pressing/starching khakis. Pressing and starching *anything*, really. I like it. Haha.

So I wrote an absolutely HUGE update about our West Point trip earlier this month. It took me two hours to write it. Then when I went to update it on blogger, it LOST it! LOST, LOST! PRECIOUS IS LOOOOOOOOST! I originally tried to dive at blogger with a knife, but it's kind of hard to kill something that's both abstract and non-living in the first place. Instead I settled on boycotting/sulking till about now. Eventually I'll rewrite it all, but for the moment I don't have all *that* much time. I just thought I'd write a quickish update, because I feel bad when I don't blog in a while.

I'm translating Euripides' "Hippolytus". It's coooool. Also, in Latin, we're translating Aquinas' Quodlibital Question XII article I: whether truth is stronger than wine, women, or kings. [L]

I danced for myself in front of a mirror the other day, which only reaffirmed the idea that it is a moral imperative for mankind that I never, ever dance in public.

Also, I saw Miyazaki's Spirited Away the other day, and it was AWESOME. Everybody go out and rent the DVD... now!!! And make sure you watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. English dubbing is never very good, and it's always good to watch foreign films in their own language. (Which is part of the reason the French film version of Cyrano de Bergerac with Gerard Depardieu is so beautiful)

Ok, I have two more pairs of pants to iron, a few things to put away, and I'm done with my room. I'll tackle the likewise-shameful computer room when I get back. So don't look at it! Look away, look away! *sings "Dixie"*


Random other thing: I'm so upset, there was a lunar eclipse Thursday night, but I couldn't see it because it was cloudy. }:(
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{Monday, May 12, 2003  }

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*dies* I just wrote the biggest friggin'-long post EVER, and freaking BLOGGER LOST IT!
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