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I went to go see Matrix: Reloaded. Whoa. [G] At first I kind of resented being spoon-fed philosophy, but then I didn't mind. Also, it's the most awesome and intense action movie I've seen in a while. However, I'm not sure that the combination of intense action and heavy philosophy is the best of ideas. I had that rattling around in my head for days, and found it difficult to concentrate on stuff. I was intrigued, to be sure, but ... it stuck in the brain like bubblegum to one's shoe. I want to see it again, though, and take notes.


Also, I found a picture of my buddy Ed on the UDallas website (Ed is the reason I know about UDallas at all). Ed graduated this year, I ought to call him and see how he is.

Also also, I want to join the UD classics, photography, Irish Caeli, and swing dance clubs. And get this, "The TACTICAL OPERATIONS CLUB (TAC - OPS) seeks to build teamwork and leadership skills through tactical paintball play." ROFL, if ROTC falls through, I'm all about that, baby! Also, I've barely ever played sports in my life, but I want to try my hand at softball.

It's not fair, I'll probably not have time for all the stuff I want to do in college! You know, in the 3rd Harry Potter book, Hermione Granger (their friend, the study-obsessed girl) took multiple classes at once. Like, in the same time-period. She had this special talisman which would take her back in time by a few hours or so, and so she could be at Arithmancy class at the same time she was at Divination. No wait, she quit Divination because she thought it was irrational and silly. But you get the idea. I need one of those.

If I lived in ancient Greece, I think I would be an oracle at Delphi, or else I would be one of those priestesses who discerned the will of the gods from the flight of birds. Of course, if there was a turannos or a tempermental basileos (tyrant... king), I would probably be killed on the spot if I were to be wrong ever. But then again, they might be afraid of angering the gods. Actually I'd probably be like ... oh what's her name who begins with a "C", C... not Clytemnestra (ha! I should hope not [she killed her husband Agamemnon when he came back from the Trojan wars and was in turn killed by her son and daughter Orestes and Elektra... I think Orestes was killed for killing his mom, too....]) ... Cassandra! That's right. She was the prophetess who was cursed to tell the future, but no one would ever believe her. Like when the Trojans pulled the horse into their city, she was saying "HEY! That's full of ARGIVES! They're going to come and KILL and PLUNDER and PILLAGE and SLAUGHTER and STUFF -- TONIGHT!" and everyone was like "pfft, yeah, sure, whatEVer." And whaddaya know. Troy was utterly destroyed. Minus Aeneas, says Vergil.

Wootness, n; (wut-ness): the quality of or being woot

You know what I think would be a terrible thing? Jumping into a giant glass of ice water. Wouldn't that be horrible?

I feel like a jug of milk sitting in the middle of a gigantic plastic lemon filled with varying sizes of purple and red corn flakes


So Thursday was an awful day for a variety of reasons. :P But I did translate city of vaguely-blue-glowingness into Elvish -- Vastaostowindeyuale. Ha. Stand atop a mountain with your hair blowing wildly in the wind, weapon held defiantly at the sky and shout THAT! VASTAOSTOWINDEYUALE!

Okay so I stayed up really late Thursday night chugging espresso, studying for Logic and writing stupid haikus ...

Late night Logic cram
Caffeine does not effect me
I start to nod off

Writing dumb haiku
Sick of cramming my head full
It comes out my ears

Write haikus easy
Most simple poetry form
For any moron

First time no haiku
Good thing need not always rhyme;
I stand and I cry

(LOL Abe and I once figured out you can always end a haiku with "I stand and I cry." so,
I don't like haiku
The words never come to me
I stand and I cry.

See the pretty field
Full of fragrant lovely things;
I stand and I cry.

Gone is the Pepsi
Lovely brown sugar liquid --
I stand and I cry.

Then when Abe got kicked off the server and came back on, he was like, 'did you miss me?" i said "I stood and I cried." [L] Years ago. It was funny. I suppose you had to be there.)

Also, then Sarah text-messaged me a haiku back --
Sister is online.
How do I stay awake now?
-- No AIM, just peach tea.

Early summer heat
makes vinyl seat-cover stick:
Time for summer break.

Also, this is a funny site.

Sorry about the disconnectedness of it all, I go through my saved IM conversations to figure out what I did/said last week. [G]
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