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{Saturday, September 27, 2003  }

This made me cry...

Alice, Abe, and everyone out there in Iraq and everywhere else, this is for you:


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{Thursday, September 25, 2003  }

I just got my mother onto AIM. Internet, beware!!!
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{Wednesday, September 24, 2003  }

Quotes from Dr. Frat stolen off Tyler's website:

"Excluding Catholicism, there is nothing in life more noble, more solemn than Greek poetry." -- DLMF
"All you need to excell in the world are the teachings of the classics and the Catholic church." -- DLMF
"The French have a history of bluster to collapse, from the Maginot line to [...]. They have a comment all the time, but that's different from actually being important." -- DLMF [on French non-involvement in the Iraq situation]
"Are Libya and North Korea still against a U.S. attack on Iraq?" -- Student questioner; "Besides my urge to say 'Who cares...?'" -- DLMF
"Sweater vests? You look like a British schoolboy. Cricket anyone?" -- DLMF
"Begone, sunlight and joy. Come, darkness and drear. Fill our hearts with your despair." -- DLMF [on a rainy day]
"Alright, any other points on absolutely nothing?" -- DLMF
"Some people seem to think that the texts we read in the Classics department were handed down to us in the way Joseph Smith in a delusional fit thought the Book of Mormon was handed down to him. He was an unmitigated idiot." -- DLMF [on the uncertainty of textual traditions]
"In centuries gone by, that's what people had to do: they had to defend the free world and learn Latin." -- DLMF
"She's running off to become a huntress, which is what all the weird women do in antiquity." -- DLMF
"Mr [name], these people founded Western Civilization; the verdict is still out on you." -- DLMF [on the Greeks]
"We could say it's an ablative of attendant circumstances. That's what you always say when you don't know." -- DKM (Dr. Karl Mauer)
"Vergil's confusing the physical and the psychic. It's what he does better than practically any poet." -- DKM
"He's Greek; that's one of his problems." -- DKM
"Thinking being important and something essential, we should nevertheless continue translating Greek." -- DDD (Dr. David Davies)

Ah yes, these are my classics professors.
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You know, some of the gentlemen around here are nothing short of cute, and I mean that in the way in which one sees them and wishes to pinch their cheek and give them a cookie. There's Tyler in my Homer class -- I have the utmost respect for him as a classicist. He helps me with my Greek a lot. He's adorable. He has a girlfriend -- isn't that so cute??? It's like "awwwwwwww, little Tyler has a girlfriend!!! How sweet!!" But... he's older than I am! He's a junior! [L] Bobert is the same way -- I want to pick him up and put him in my pocket. I bet they were *adorable* as children.

You know, I think I'm thinking about this because I miss my nephews! *misses her nephews*

I want lots of little boys when I get married and have a family.

You know who was an adorable child? My Jonathan was an adorable child. I wish I had scanned the picture of him from first grade or kindergarten that he gave me when I was there once. I have a picture of me at the same age. I would go into the ways that Jonathan is cute in a different kind of cute way (though I'm sure he would have no complaints to cookies...), but I'll spare you all the mush. [G]

Wow, my roommate calls our room a "hell hole" now.

I have a paper to write, and The Republic to read. It's book VII, with the famous allegory of the cave, but I utterly dispise Plato and his philosophy. He looks at reality in entirely the wrong way.

I'm so tired. I hope I can stay awake.

Well I'm going to get writing now. Ciao!
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Striding amidst the tarmac, wielding a burning branch, cometh Jonathan The Great! And he gives a cruel cry:

"I'm going to beat you until you turn magenta, then steal your lederhosen!!!"

(HA!!! these keep getting BETTER!)
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He's just a poor boy from a poor family
Spare him his life from this monstrosity!

Hark! Who is that, prowling amidst the candy store! It is Jon L, hands clutching a piece of chainlink fence! He bellows ominously:

"I'm going to clobber you with such wanton cruelty, your timbers will shiver!!!"

*cracks up*
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{Tuesday, September 23, 2003  }


What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, striding over the cliffs! It is Mara Jade, hands clutching an oversized scalpel! She cries gutterally:

"I'm going to pound you until Amnesty International campaigns against it!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

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What Is Your Battle Cry?

Zang! Who is that, prowling amidst the tundra! It is Lauren, hands clutching a studded crowbar! And with a booming cry, her voice cometh:

"I'm going to hack into your brain, and type FORMAT C: !"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

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{Sunday, September 21, 2003  }

btw: ALIPIE, I LOVE YOU TOOOOOO AND I MISS YOU!!!! I'll see you in October, though!!! Plan on it! I'll be home Thursday night (the 9th) and I'm leaving Sunday afternoon (the 12th).
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{Wednesday, September 17, 2003  }

Ha, I did more ...

Aristotle - Aristotle begins by sketching the
history of philosophy. For Aristotle,
philosophy arose historically after basic
necessities were secured. It grew out of a
feeling of curiosity and wonder, to which
religious myth gave only provisional
satisfaction. The subject of metaphysics deals
with the first principles of scientific
knowledge and the ultimate conditions of all
existence. More specifically, it deals with
existence in its most fundamental state and the
essential attributes of existence. God to
Aristotle is the first of all substances, the
necessary first source of movement who is
himself unmoved. God is a being with
everlasting life, and perfect blessedness,
engaged in never-ending contemplation. All men
by nature desire knowledge.

The Philosopher's Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

(I love Aristotle!!! I named my fishy Aristotle...)

You are Karl Marx, author of the Commuinst Mainfesto. A true Pioneer who sought for the rights of workers. You believe there is a struggle between different classes. You are driven, and w
Karl Marx

what philosopher are you?
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(This quiz was stupid -- it left NO room for traditional philosophy...)

you're a nineteenth century russian philospher.
you have radical opinions and articulate
yourself well, but are not appreciated by most.
you are often driven to writing fiction or
poetry because no one will read or publish
anything else. be careful not to let your
thoughts get too out of hand, or else you might
be sent to siberia! (other notable russian
philosophers were dostoyevsky, tolstoy and

what philosopher are you?
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(who wrote that quiz, a twelve-year-old???)

you are very smart and therefore you think you have the right not only to be heard but the right to be cryptic. you hardly say what is on your mind and when you do, you don't tell

What philosopher or theorist are you?
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(that is pretty much 100% wrong...)


Which Eleatic Pre Socratic Philosopher are you?
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(Cool, don't know much about him... but he's an Eleatic pre-Socratic philosopher)

Aristotle: the founder of scientific methodology.
You're the one to thanked for all the wonders
of technology and yes, YOU ARE that pr*** who
showed them all how to write those 'more boring
than the last one' research publications. All
scientists are geeks beacause of you.

Which famous philosopher are you?
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You are Descartes.
I think, therefore I am.

Which Modern Philosopher Are You?
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(NO!!!! NONO!!!!!!! UGH! EVIL! EVIL! *holds up pictures of Thomas Aquinas*)

You are Immanuel Kant.
You are Immanuel Kant. Many people today think you
were a stuffy Prussian and a moralistic pr***
who detested both women and wine, but back in
your time you were known as the Great
Destroyer. This is because you undermined the
pretentions of skeptics and rationalists alike
by discovering the source, meaning, and limits
of philosophy itself. You were concerned
largely with constructing a system of practical
philosophy, but by the end of your life you
became interested in aesthetics. You sought to
unite all the elements of your philosophy into
a system united in the idea of God, all the
while maintaining a humble attitude toward your
own capabilities. While many of your followers
rejected your prescriptions, causing you to
denounce almost all of them, you are still
remembered today as the philosopher who laid
the foundation for the thought of the entire
19th century.

Which philosopher are you?
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(FOCL! One question: "What is the goal of philosophy?" "To cleverly undermine the beliefs of others and pick up girls while you play billiards." [L] And warning, that quiz is a little racy...)

St. Augustine
You're St. Augustine. You have a lot to say to the
world about following God.

Which Philosopher are You?
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(Oh that could have been a lot more interesting... but I'm St. Augustine. Ha. I'm just going through every "What Philosopher Are You?" quiz on quizilla.com ...)

So there's my waste of time for the evening. Abe didn't call me today either. :(
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Eh, I did one of these for the heck of it... *shrugs*

You are a phoenix.

What legend are you?. Take the Legendary Being Quiz by Paradox

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{Tuesday, September 16, 2003  }

Everyone seems to write in his (proper grammar) blog more often than I, so I figured I'd give it a shot now, even though I told myself I wanted to get a move on so I can be done with a significant amount by 8pm.

Today I went to noon mass as well. Usually I don't do that because I want to come back and get a move on homework as soon as I can, since Wednesday and Friday are busy school days, making Tuesday/Thursday heavy homework nights. But today I went, and I'm thinking I may go more often, especially if I am wise and use the weekend to catch up on homework and possibly get ahead. Also I have a voice lesson at 1:45, and it seems easier to study an hour after class, go to Mass, eat and dally, and then go to my voice lesson and come back and study.

Specifically I went today for the Joyce family. Rick Joyce is Christy's older brother and only sibling. He sang in the Catholic Choir for which Jon accompanied. Jon and Christy because best friends, like brother and sister. Rick was in Germany and took leave to go hiking, and died as a result of an accident then. Today was his funeral. Jon's up at West Point where he's to be buried (and his class ring donated), lending support to the family. :\ It's such a sad situation, I wish I could help in some way. But my help, I suppose, must be spiritual. So I went to mass for their family and for Jon, and I'm trying to ask as many people as possible to pray for them. So you, now, reading this, please pray for the Joyce family and for the respose of the soul of Rick.

Requiem aeternam dona ei, Domine, et lux perpetuam luceat ei.
Kyrie eleison
Christe eleison
Kyrie eleison.

...anything else I write after that is bound to be trivial. I shall stop now.

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{Saturday, September 13, 2003  }

Doing much better today.

I have a betta fish.

I think if my fish had a butt, he'd be shaking it.

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{Monday, September 08, 2003  }

Real update coming soon. In the meantime, a silly conversation with Jon!:

Lauren (11:54:13 PM): Tota gloria sit patri filioque et spiritu santo
Jon (11:54:35 PM): Amen!
Lauren (11:54:45 PM): :-)
Jon (11:54:53 PM): :-)
Jon (11:54:58 PM): Latin is COOL.
Lauren (11:55:04 PM): you are COOL
Lauren (11:55:19 PM): O:-)
Jon (11:55:27 PM): No....the temperature outside is COOL.
Lauren (11:55:44 PM): How cold is it outside?
Lauren (11:56:13 PM): :-D
Jon (11:56:34 PM): (it's probably in the 60s outside)
Lauren (11:56:39 PM): Cool!
Jon (11:56:45 PM): Yeah! That's what I said!
Lauren (11:56:47 PM): [L]
Jon (11:56:50 PM): ;-)
Lauren (11:56:50 PM): AIR CONDITIONING!
Lauren (11:56:53 PM): :-D
Jon (11:56:53 PM): lol
Lauren (11:57:04 PM): I said to myself, "self," (cos that's what I say to myself...)
Jon (11:57:05 PM): No sweetheart, the A/C is inside.
Jon (11:57:08 PM): LOL
Jon (11:57:13 PM): yay Ed!
Lauren (11:57:17 PM): yay De!
Lauren (11:57:27 PM): O:-)
Jon (11:57:28 PM): lol
Lauren (11:57:31 PM): Seely seely seely!
Jon (11:57:31 PM): seely gurl!
Lauren (11:57:32 PM): SEELY
Lauren (11:57:33 PM): SEELY
Lauren (11:57:35 PM): SEEEEEEEELY
Jon (11:57:39 PM): yes!
Lauren (11:57:41 PM): Sealy Postrapedic Mattress
Jon (11:57:54 PM): lol
Lauren (11:58:02 PM): AI AM SAO FAUNNY!
Lauren (11:58:16 PM): :-D
Lauren (11:58:51 PM): *SMILES LOUDLY*
Jon (11:58:55 PM): SLY GRL!
Jon (11:59:04 PM): DN'T SML S LD!
Lauren (11:59:07 PM): VWLS R VL!
Lauren (11:59:25 PM): SRR, 'LL R NT T WK YR RMMT
Jon (11:59:26 PM): I THNK Y MNT CL!
Jon (11:59:38 PM): LL!
Lauren (11:59:42 PM): Y SD VWL!!!
Jon (12:00:08 AM): BT ' HD T!
Lauren (12:00:22 AM): 0H, 1 FoND 4 W4 T0 G3T 4R0ND US1NG V0W3LS!
Jon (12:00:23 AM): KKKKKK 'M SRR.
Jon (12:00:35 AM): L0L0L0L0L0L0L!!!
Lauren (12:00:37 AM): H4H4H4H4H4H4H4H4!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren (12:00:46 AM): *CR4CKS 6P*
Jon (12:01:03 AM): S33L33 G1RL!!
Lauren (12:01:07 AM): R0FL!
Lauren (12:01:22 AM): Ok4y, N0w wh4t w3r3 y0u s4y1ng?
Jon (12:01:36 AM): Wh3n?
Lauren (12:01:38 AM): "1 thnk y mnt cl" = ?
Lauren (12:01:49 AM): "BT' HD T" = ?
Jon (12:02:43 AM): 0h, 1 w4s s4y1ng, 1 th0ght y00 m34nt "VL" wh3n y00 s41d "VL".
Lauren (12:03:17 AM): N0, 1 m34nt "3v1L"
Lauren (12:03:30 AM): L1K3 3V1L 0L1V3!!!
Jon (12:03:55 AM): 0h!!!! 1 th0ght y00 m34nt th3y'r3 "c00L"
Jon (12:04:01 AM): L0L!
Lauren (12:04:09 AM): 4ND WH4T W4S "BT' HD T"?
Lauren (12:04:11 AM): [L]
Lauren (12:04:13 AM): n00000!!!
Lauren (12:04:28 AM): v0w3ls 4r3 4nyth1ng b6t c00l!
Jon (12:04:52 AM): 1t m34nt "b0t 1 h4d t0!"
Jon (12:04:56 AM): l0l
Lauren (12:05:25 AM): N0 y06 d1dn't!!!!
Lauren (12:05:46 AM): N0w h3r3's 4 q63st10n,
Jon (12:05:51 AM): 1 S41D 1 W4S S0RR33!
Jon (12:05:54 AM): 0K
Lauren (12:05:58 AM): WHY 4R3 W3 D01NG TH1S?????
Jon (12:06:04 AM): L0L0L0L0L
Lauren (12:06:17 AM): H3Y --
Jon (12:06:32 AM): B3C0Z W3'R3 W31RD!!!
Jon (12:06:38 AM): WH4T?
Lauren (12:07:01 AM): "1'M 4 M0R0N! 1 W4SN'T 3V3N CL0S3! 1 W4S 6S1N' N6MB3RS 4ND ST6FF!!!"
Jon (12:07:18 AM): L0L0L0L0L!!!!!
Jon (12:07:26 AM): S3333L3333333!!!!!!!!!!
Lauren (12:07:36 AM): TH444444444444444T'S M3!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D
Jon (12:07:40 AM): :-D
Lauren (12:07:51 AM): *p6ts th1s c0nv0 1n h3r bl0g*
Jon (12:07:57 AM): L0L
Jon (12:08:38 AM): Wh7? Wh4t's s0 1nt3r3st1ng 4b00t 1t?
Lauren (12:09:21 AM): 1t's j6st pl41n fr34k1ng W31RD!
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