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{Friday, January 30, 2004  }

*beams with pride*

Lauren (11:10:53 PM): Hey mom! Check my blog
Lauren (11:12:06 PM): Your daughter wears Army boots ;-)
Mom (11:27:03 PM): Nothing new on your blog, but GREAT picture!
Mom (11:27:18 PM): You look like your father;-)
Lauren (11:29:00 PM): [L]
Lauren (11:29:03 PM): (hit reload)
Lauren (11:29:08 PM): Cool :-D
Mom (11:29:31 PM): ok- let me try that
Mom (11:37:05 PM): i dare say...i think i'll call you CHIP... a chip off the ole block that is!
Mom (11:37:26 PM): Great pictures....They really gave you alot of stuff
Mom (11:37:44 PM): I cann't wait for Dad to see them
Lauren (11:37:57 PM): [L] :-) Me neither!
Mom (11:38:03 PM): I'll make sure he sees them tomorrow...he is asleep now

(next day)

Mom (10:36:45 AM): Hey Lauren
Mom (10:36:54 AM): Dad loved your pictures!
Mom (10:36:58 AM): Wow!
Lauren (10:37:21 AM): hey!
Lauren (10:37:23 AM): Did he?
Lauren (10:37:24 AM): What did he say?
Mom (10:37:38 AM): He was very proud of you
Mom (10:37:51 AM): I think he will be e-mailing you
Mom (10:38:37 AM): He chuckles to think of you being PVT Brannon
Lauren (10:38:54 AM): [G]
Mom (10:38:55 AM): He was that also....just a bit older
Lauren (10:39:05 AM): yeah, and he was being paid for it [G]
Mom (10:39:18 AM): Not much, but yes
Lauren (10:39:28 AM): lowest of the low, little PV-1
Mom (10:39:30 AM): Will you ever be paid
Mom (10:39:39 AM): Gotta start somewhere
Lauren (10:39:42 AM): when I'm contracted, I will receive a stipend
Lauren (10:39:46 AM): something like $250 a month
Mom (10:40:00 AM): Think of it this way, no where to go but UP
Lauren (10:40:09 AM): That's right! :-D
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