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{Sunday, May 16, 2004  }

I am proud to say I know a soldier in Iraq.

(sort of. how I know him doesn't matter)

I emailed him asking if I could post excerpts from some of his emails here, and in the meantime I ended up partially explaining what my blog was all about, which was rather revelatory to me as well.

I started this blog as a way to get Alice to post more in her journal. ;) It then became a way to explain Why I Wasn't Available to Talk all the time to Abe and SarahMc. Then it became a forum to ruminate upon life, the universe, and everything. This past February, I opened it up to the public by adding it to St. Blog's webring. I had previously tried to make a specifically Catholic blog, but it didn't work very well for various reasons, one of which being that I ran out of time, and that I myself am no great writer nor am I a great theologian (lamentible dictu). I wish I could write like Tom from Disputations and update as often with as much substance, but it is not in me.

So I figured I would set this up on a Catholic blog ring to be an example for other Catholic college students.

However I also specifically billed myself as ROTC and Army. I just now realized that I did this because ... my blog is something I rather wish I had, especially when I was beginning to investigate the military in various ways. I would have liked to have known about someone like me (a bit different than your typical Army grunt) who was doing the things I wanted to do, and living the same kind of life. I still do searches for blogs of West Point cadets for this reason.

But my blog is here for anyone. I have no idea if people in the Catholic or military/USMA blogosphere read my blog (the most hits I get seem to be from a West Point blog, Catholic Ragemonkey and the Curt Jester; plus random Google searches), but it's here if anyone wants it.

I hope I can be of use to someone...
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Catholic, Army Officers who attended USMA read you blog. Even though I prefer the Carmelites.
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