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The title of this image from http://www.op-stjoseph.org/ is as follws:

An Angel Leads Dominic to Santa Sabina.
Also present are Tancred, the prior of the brothers, and Odo, the prior of the sisters.
They had just experienced at San Sisto the miracle of the ever full cup of wine.

As with most things upon this blog, a serious meditation and a silly thingamabobber come to mind at once.

Like St. Dominic, I, too, was led to Santa Sabina not by an angel, but by one higher than the angels (for indeed angels cannot confect the body and blood of Christ in persona Christi) not in human time but in the vision of God who is not bounded by time.

Unlike St. Dominic, I did not have a ginormous rock flung at my head by the devil. Had he wanted to fling something, he could have flung one of the giant bronze busts of St. Thomas Aquinas from the bookshop, but even then I would have died happily.

O the Santa Sabina bookshoppe.

It definitely deserves an ode.

Er, as does Santa Sabina!

But anyway... as to the second part of that caption ... the miracle of the ever-full cup of wine ... that'a a very Dominican miracle, is it not?

I was once told by a priest who was not a Domincan but had many Dominican friends that there are three types of men in this world I, as a young lady, cannot trust:
1. men with tattoos all over themselves
2. men with such long hair it obscures their eyes, because the eyes are the window to the soul
3. a skinny Dominican.

And while we're on the subject of Dominicans, I have a joke from the same priest (yay Fr. Stephen Holmes!)

The Jesuits, ahhh the Jesuits ... our friends, our brothers of course ... but they were formed to combat the heresy of Protestantism. Dominicans were formed to combat the heresy of Albigensiamism.

How many Albigensians do you meet nowadays? ;)

A nod for this post must go to Zadok Romanus for encouraging me to blog more Dominican things.

Hymnum Novae Laetitiae

Children of Dominic, all the world over,
Sing to your father a new song of praise,
Sound the glad chorus in hymns of thanksgiving;
Lift up your hearts, as your voices you raise.

'Mid the deep darkness of sin and of sorrow,
See in the heavens a soft-shining star,
Guiding the sinner to light and deliverance,
Piercing the gloom of the strong prison-bar.

Preaching the Word o'er the land and the ocean,
Doctrine of Christ he proclaims far and wide;
Founding the Order, with "Truth" for its watch-word,
Stemming the current of falsehood's dark tide.

Small as a streamlet the bright fountain rises,
Swelling and surging till grown to a flood,
It pours on the world its clear life-giving waters,
Quenching the thirst of the soul for its God.

Glory to God, in the height of the heavens,
Threefold yet One, who forever shall reign!
May Dominic's prayers, at the throne of the Godhead,
Pardon and life for his children obtain!

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