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{Monday, December 06, 2004  }

.:{Prayer of Vassalage}:.

My Lord Christ, only-begotten Son of the Father, with trembling reverence and most comely love do I submit my life, my breath, my body and will to thy most merciful-just mystery; under thyself verily do I prostrate me as thine own servant in bonds of vassalage, for thou has ransomed my life with thine own, hast breathed thine own Wind into a body dead with the scarlet of my sin. From the depths I have with my father Adam cried out to thee, and from the depth of four thousand winters has risen the Dawn from On High, whence the sleeping King has quickened the Tree of Death with newness of life. And so, raised from the vileness of my unbonded state I lovingly embrace the bonds of unceasing devotion and service; I extol thee, my Master -- seven times I praise thee, and nightly my heart is ordered to your praise. Sleepless in love, tireless in devotion and service -- behold, My Lord, your servant, your servant am I. O my Life, O my breath, O thou dost sustain me to live in thy most sweet service. O most sweetest, most dearest Lord, it is my duty, beatification and joy to worship and extol thee in the courts of thy Holy Temple, and to place prostrate at thy feet that selfsame Holy Temple. Worthy am I not, O Lord, that thou shouldst enter beneath my roof, yet with thy saving Word shall my soul be healed. Even in the midst of life I am close to death -- Lord, save the lowly servant who hopes in thee. Amen.
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That's beautiful.
commented by Blogger Zadok the Roman, 7:56 AM  
Oh yes, absolutely beautiful. We should all pray this prayer every morning.
commented by Anonymous Ron, 6:35 PM  

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