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.:{Axe a stupid question...}:.

Zadok: So they haven't interviewed you? How do they know you're not an axe murderer? Do they have an exhibit of the Hall of Axes? You should work in the Hall of Axes.
Lauren: What, would they have famous axes throughout church history?
Zadok: Yes, first there would be St. Joseph's axe. Then the axe the child Jesus used to chop down the cherry tree.
Lauren: Then the axe Martin Luther used to nail the 95 theses to the Witternburg church doors.
Zadok: The axe they used to burn Galilei.
Lauren: Then the axe Pope Innocent III used to unite the papal states.
Zadok: Then there was the axe that Paul VI put on the altar as a gesture of humility and poverty. But the current pope uses a knife instead of an axe beacuse St. Peter would have used a knife to gut fish.
Lauren: St. Francis' axe of peace--
Zadok: Oh yes, the Axe of the Apostles!
Lauren: *groan*
Zadok: You should blog this.
Lauren: *thinking* It's your funeral...
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What about the axe of St. Olave (can still be seen in the arms of Norway) ?

commented by Anonymous Hermann Hayn, 9:31 AM  

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