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{Monday, June 20, 2005  }

.:{I don't know to whom this is the more embarrassing}:.

From a conversation held in the very long and very boring return drive from TX to VA

Mom: Why were they called the Crimean wars? Was there a country called Crimea?
Lauren: A river -- Crimea River.
posted by Lauren, 11:31 AM


I always thought it was after the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine. Hm.

Anyway- boring drive? You were in Texas! We have cows here! :D
commented by Blogger fj, 8:21 PM  
Think about it, fj...

Though Crimea Peninsula has a good sound too, though it seems quite painful--almost as bad as having a baby.
commented by Blogger Jeff, 12:14 AM  
Bwahahaha! That's *FUNNY!* Bullseye!

commented by Blogger UltraCrepidarian, 9:13 AM  
If you are referring to the cows, I did. I love cows. Driving through Texas, you can see lots of different breeds, and how the develop in different regions (heat/nutrition(if they are forage/etc) as well as some interesting crosses you may not find that commonly. You can also see some neat barns (I love comparing barn set-ups), and famous ranches. Then again, that's one of my primary interests, as I am going to school for it..so whatever. Just know that some people DO enjoy the cows. LOL :)
commented by Blogger fj, 10:51 AM  

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