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{Saturday, September 03, 2005  }

.:{"I should be paid by the word." ~Z}:.

Lauren: [mass] ... with a Latin... choir ... thing.
Zadok: Schola Cantorum?
Lauren: Yeah. That thing.
Zadok: See, you're supposed to get that right and are supposed to correct me.
Lauren: Shutup. I'm tired and full of pasta.
Zadok: That could be your tombstone inscription, "I'm tired and full of pasta." Better, yet, translate that into Latin.

Or, as we'd say in Irish (as I'm taking Irish this semester),

Tá tuirseach orm agus tá mé lán do pheasta.
posted by Lauren, 4:23 PM


You rule, Lauren.
commented by Blogger Penitens, 6:16 PM  
just discovered your blog. you have a cool name, are a Dominican, speak Latin, and you study Irish.

you really are cool. *will now be reading*
commented by Anonymous Laur, 11:15 PM  

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