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{Friday, March 24, 2006  }

.:{He finds your lack of faith disturbing}:.

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{Monday, March 13, 2006  }

.:{Results from the competition}:.


Thank you for your prayers! My partner and I placed 6th in bronze smooth three-dance events (American waltz/tango/foxtrot) and 5th in rhythm three-dance events (American cha-cha/rhumba/swing).

However this is going to be a busy week (please keep up those prayers), so I'm not sure to what extent I can be constantly updating the blog, but I'll do my best. The next post ought to be about medieval mystery plays when I get around to it. Ciao!
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{Friday, March 10, 2006  }

.:{Reason for the silence...}:.


The reason for my silence this week, and possibly part of next week, is due to a number of things ... not the least of which is a ballroom competition in Pittsburgh this weekend (and another one two weeks after it) for which we leave today; say a prayer for my partner and I. Results shall be posted. Ciao!
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{Tuesday, March 07, 2006  }

.:{Why AIM is Dangerous -- Conversation chez Cnytr}:.

Lauren (4:53:43 PM): ARGH
Zadok (4:53:47 PM): What?
Lauren (4:53:49 PM): I keep forgetting it's Lent!!!
Lauren (4:53:55 PM): *eating a handful of M&Ms*
Zadok (4:54:03 PM): *appalled*
Zadok (4:54:40 PM): I'm going to have to disown you. From now on you are no longer a Cnytr. You are a swineherd.
Zadok (4:55:18 PM): A swineherd who has a handful of M&Ms.
Lauren (4:55:24 PM): LOL
Lauren (4:55:32 PM): ...but they're magic M&Ms!
Zadok (4:55:42 PM): It's a funny mixture of 'this tastes good' and 'uh-oh!'
Zadok (4:55:51 PM): Magic M&Ms that grow in your stomach?
Lauren (4:56:02 PM): Ewwww
Lauren (4:56:08 PM): Grow into what?
Zadok (4:56:23 PM): Little M&M trees that tickle your insides.
Zadok (4:56:34 PM): And when you cough or sneeze...
Zadok (4:56:39 PM): little M&Ms fly out.
Lauren (4:56:47 PM): Ewwwwww
Lauren (4:56:51 PM): Hey actually that's kind of cute
Lauren (4:56:54 PM): little M&Ms
Lauren (4:57:04 PM): You know what's funny,
Lauren (4:57:10 PM): I sneeze when I get upset.
Zadok (4:57:18 PM): Guess who's uberpopular when cold season comes?
Zadok (4:57:21 PM): Really?
Lauren (4:57:25 PM): (ROFL)
Lauren (4:57:27 PM): Yeah
Lauren (4:57:35 PM): When I'm thinking about something and I get upset, I invariably sneeze
Zadok (4:57:50 PM): Wow!
Lauren (4:57:57 PM): And so if we're ever talking about something controversial and I start sneezing, that means SHUTUP
Zadok (4:58:05 PM): Hehehehehehehe!
Zadok (4:58:17 PM): I'm going to have to test that. Can I make you sneeze on cue?
Zadok (4:58:47 PM): Just when I thought I knew all of your weirdnesses...
Lauren (4:59:23 PM): LOL
Zadok (4:59:32 PM): Imagine how much better it would be if M&Ms were involved.
Zadok (4:59:41 PM): I'm depressed.
Zadok (4:59:45 PM): *sneeze*
Zadok (4:59:50 PM): Oooooh! Chocolate!
Lauren (4:59:52 PM): LOL
Lauren (4:59:54 PM): EWWWWW
Lauren (5:00:00 PM): I'm so blogging this
Zadok (5:00:23 PM): Hmpf!
Zadok (5:00:35 PM): I'm going to pretend to be grumpy about that!
Lauren (5:00:38 PM): LOL
Lauren (5:00:42 PM): THAT's getting blogged TOO!
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