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{Wednesday, January 31, 2007  }

.:{Feeling ecumenical}:.

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Johann Schmitt, The Communion of a Jesuit Missionary, easel painting, Holy Family Church, Chicago, IL

Although, at first glance, he looked so much like a Dominican in a cappa to me ...
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{Monday, January 22, 2007  }

.:{Pious image of the day}:.

The alter Christus, the "other Christ"

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.:{Buona fortuna}:.

Buona fortuna to all who come to our fair city today from far and wide to the March for Life. You clog up our streets and overrun my part of town and track slushy-melted-salty snow footprints everywhere, but you're marching today for a noble cause and, though I cannot march with you, I shall pray for you and our mutual cause.

God bless.
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