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.:{The first "Your Mom" on record?}:.

TheologyGradStudent: Say what you will about the modern period, but it truly is an irenic age, if nothing else.)
me: a what age?
TheologyGradStudent: (Or comparatively irenic, at least)
me: whatever that word means, I see a parody of Alanis Morisette coming up
TheologyGradStudent: Irenic: tending to promote peace or reconciliation; peaceful or conciliatory. (Dictionary.com)
I'm not saying that's always a good thing, but it can be
me: peace = good; conciliatory = bad
also, it's more funny in the middle ages when people get into fistfights
or when Augustine says to Julian of Eclenum "Your mom!" (no joke!)
TheologyGradStudent: That's awesome.
me: See? And now I'm more inclined to listen to Augustine!
TheologyGradStudent: Can you get me that reference? It may come in handy ;)
me: :D
no joke, Augustine starts talking about Julian's mom
of course, it's about Original SIn
TheologyGradStudent: Who says the Middle Ages were dark and gloomy?
That's awesome.
I'd get kicked out of school if I did that.

Julian says When you add that the activity of marriage is a disease [Augustine doesn't say this], one can listen to this calmly, if you are saying this of your parents alone. For you could perhaps know of some hidden disease of your mother, for in the books of your Confessions you indicated that she was called - to use your word - a tippler . But in the marriage of holy and decent people there is no disease.

~Opus Imperfectum Contra Iulianum, I,68

Note: although I said it backwards in the transcribed Gchat conversation, this tidbit is actually Julian talking to Augustine, not vice-versa. I apologize for any confusion.
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