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.:{Fratello Metello}:.

... the "metal friar".

Count this as one of the weirder things I've seen recently. And far be it from me to turn up my nose at the weird, but I seriously wonder how appropriate this is:

Dressed in his traditional brown robe, sandals and twirling the rope around his waist, 62-year old Friar Cesare Bonizzi is no ordinary heavy metal rocker.

But as guitarists around him grind out heavy notes, the long-white-bearded Capuchin, a former missionary in Ivory Coast, has no qualms bobbing his head and shouting lyrics about alcohol, sex, tobacco and life in general into his microphone.


Bonizzi, who names bands such as rockers Megadeth and Dream Theater as favorites, also sings about God and faith but says he has no intention of converting listeners to Christianity.

"I never did it to preach, I did it because music is beautiful ... If I want to convert people, I simply want to convert them to life, to welcome life, to enjoy life," he said.

"I am religious and I am a priest but I am not doing this to convert people to Christ, to faith or the Church, but for them to try to understand life, to be able to enjoy it. Nothing more."

Hm. I raise my eyebrows to that. And:

"Gregorian has the same roots as (heavy metal)," he said.

No, it doesn't.

The article also tries to make the famous Chant CD sound scandalous or on-edge, which it absolutely is not:

In Austria, Cistercian monks released an album of Gregorian chants on the same record label as Amy Winehouse and Eminem.

I must confess THIS intrigues me:

Bonizzi sings in Italian and Latin, but "Misteri," his 18th CD, is being translated into English.

Heavy metal in Latin!? Sweet.

The jury's out, folks.
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