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.:{A photo once most appropriate to this blog}:.

Is it bad that I am MORE interested in this photo than with the accompanying talk posted on CatholicMil?

The site, btw, erroneously calls our beloved Archbishop "Blessed" when, rather, he is simply "Servant of God" (which comes before "Venerable", which itself is before "Blessed" which is before canonization...).

I would apologize for the Fulton-fest as of late, but ... I'm not at all remorseful!!! Ha! Haha!!!

And BY the by again, I'm very very interested in any footage of Fulton Sheen with John Paul II during his visit to the USA in 1979 (the trip on which he called Sheen a "loyal son of the church", and told him, essentially, "bene scripsisti dixistique de Domino Jesu Christo"!). Do any of my readers know if such footage is extant? Or any snippets of the Archbishop at all during that time?
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