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.:{Cnytr's Wedding}:.

Oh by the way, I realized I never posted photos from our awesome Traddie wedding.

Going to the chapel, etc, with my Maid of Honor on my right, but that is not my Mother, clad in pearls of Ophir on my life ... it's my sister. Just clad in ... pearls.

The gathering outside, with all its biretta-ed glory.
More photos of this and the procession:
1. Here; the servers are family friends of mine since forever, there are two seminarian friends there from college, one friend of a friend, the celebrant who is one of my BFFs, and my great uncle is there as the subdeacon.
2. Meanwhile...
3. The procession also had one KHS...
4. ...and a Dominican and Ukrainian Catholic priest, the latter the pastor of my home parish, the former a very very very newly-ordained (like, the week before) friend of mine from DC.
5. More birettas.
6. The liturgical choir.

I and my new husband.

SWORD ARCH ... with Army, Navy, AND Marines!

And aside from this ...

...our wedding occasionally had the look of a Stella Artois commercial:

Please keep myself, my husband, and our unborn baby boy (due in late March) in your prayers!
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It is a bit late to offer felicitations; and I have not commented for a long time; but, having been quite happily married myself for nine years myself, I wish you all the best. May God bless you three (and any additions that may happen ...) !

Hermann Hayn
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Congratulations on your marriage!
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