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{Tuesday, July 13, 2010  }

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Not saying that Cnytr is being shut down (it never is ... I have had this blog since I was in high school), but you should definitely hie thee over to Itchy Nissan, where Sakura E is posting.
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{Friday, July 09, 2010  }


Dearest Bloggians,

I thank you for your patience amidst the scarcity of my blog updates. I hope to begin a new phase of the blog as a married woman, and as the wife of a Naval officer, soon (as of tomorrow) to be living in Sasebo, Japan. My dear commenter and brother in St. Dominic Anthony OPL has given me a heads-up about the state of Catholicism there ("interesting", shall we say). Well, we'll make the best of it.

Additionally, I may be posting a bunch of not-necessarily-Catholic-related items on the blog for a short time, all related to Japan. Bear with the boring details and I shall do what I can to find interesting, quirky factoids for y'all. Or just stuff I think about.

God bless, and please keep my new family (myself and my husband) in your prayers.


Lauren (E)

P.s. This was my bouquet.
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